Ideas for sexy social distancing -- because sex that's good for you is good for you.
I love babies. And I love people who wake up in circumstances far beyond any that have ever challenged me.
Children and young people are going to take on a lot in the coming weeks and months.
may it amuse the trickster, or at least pass the time.
"Managing in a crisis when the odds are stacked against us is our fucking wheelhouse."
In the third year of the global pandemic, here's why we must end practices and policies that ignore, marginalize and deprioritize chronically-ill and…
transcript from Instagram Live video
On the new report "Chronic Injustice: Centering Equitable Health Care and Policies for COVID-19 and Other Chronic Conditions," and my comments from the…
I'm speaking on learning from the HIV movement and disability justice to confront ME/CFS in the time of Long COVID
Unprecedented community webinar, in English with Spanish and ASL interpretation. Register:
Will now be the time when those who know what we know, and who know what we need, get listened to or get seen?
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