On an endless illder battle to unwind, to sense, to disconnect. Never here nor there nor even really elsewhere, and at some point the day ends.

February 2023

How Do We Gather Safely As COVID Persists? A brief guide for you and your groups “Practicing inclusion during COVID-19 means acknowledging the health and safety needs of all people, then taking steps to communicate and provid…
A space for us to converse and connect
with a little update about what I've been up to since I last posted.

September 2022

Join the first national civil disobedience protest for Long COVID and ME/CFS, or take action at home to support!

April 2022

I'm speaking on learning from the HIV movement and disability justice to confront ME/CFS in the time of Long COVID

March 2022

In the third year of the global pandemic, here's why we must end practices and policies that ignore, marginalize and deprioritize chronically-ill and…

February 2022

Unprecedented community webinar, in English with Spanish and ASL interpretation. Register: bit.ly/S4HI-WEBINAR

December 2021

Action items, updates, videos and more from Cranky Queer -- and hints for a big January launch

October 2021

Hey all - some short but juicy updates, starting with an invitation for TONIGHT! I’ve got a backload of things to share with you, and you’ll see them…

September 2021

As the pressure of impending flash flooding heavies my body, I look back and forward and tell you what is there. (A COVID poem, delta variant.)

August 2021

I love babies. And I love people who wake up in circumstances far beyond any that have ever challenged me.