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I am dealing with a lot of the same feelings, paired with the ever-present pressure (internal & external) to present a stoic front despite the shitstorm. I feel especially angry at my friends who are STILL downplaying this - or worse, acting like they’re somehow the good guys for refusing to cancel their absolutely non-essential in-person group activities because they’re ‘there for the community.’ Meanwhile they’re potentially adding to the community spread that is seriously dangerous for some of us. I guess some people in the community matter more than others. Ughhhh.

This definitely isn’t new, but it does feel particularly intense for me at the moment. Add to it the already-challenging isolation that had me in a hole I was trying to climb out of and the screaming voice in my head telling me I’m powerless, worthless, and solely a drain on resources... it ain’t pretty. Honestly, I would really love to focus on supporting someone else right now because I need to get out of my head. Sorry for the rant... been hanging onto this stuff for a minute.

Thank you for being willing to share your experience with us, Sully. It’s really nice to remember we aren’t alone.

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Love you Sully!

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