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And so thank you for your dream of Kiyoshi. He taught me to doodle. AND as you say, perhaps I never learnt it of him, but now I SHALL remember him for it, your words about working. I was asked to do a bust of Bucky and thought to read about him before I began...sharing with my wife about an old friend that helped him out in his later days in Philadelphia, wondering if I'd find anything about Kiyoshi on the web. Certainly, I thought, he founded the ALL-PHILADELPHIA Catelog ...he may be in there. Lo, behold I discovered so much about this doodler on Pine St., I am glad to be home...in bed or at work, working still, doing what might be done (as Bucky put it) for a world we are together in. W A I T, ...we're all in together. and again, thanks for your dream and keeping Kiyoshi in the mix. I'm going to do his bust I believe. A working hero I've known. Harry

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i needed to read this earlier in the week and reread it again today. i struggle to value that what i can bring is ENOUGH, where i am at is an OK place to start, BUT that is plenty enough for me to collaborate with others in the struggle toward liberation. your writing is a gift in my life, thank you xo

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